Q. Who is Parcel Express?

A. Parcel Express is a freight and logistics company who specialize in online retail and business to consumer delivery.

Q. Who will delivery my freight?

A. Dependent on what country or location you are in, you will receive delivery by an appointed contractor, these contractors will be household names in your location.

Q. What happens if there is a problem with delivery?

A. You can contact any of the staff at www.parcelexpress.com.au where urgent you can call us directly.

Q. Where is your company registered?

A. Global Operations are base in Melbourne, Australia. You're invoice will come from the Melbourne operation, which is ABN registered.

Q. My freight company tells me we will receive poor service to be careful of the rates?

A. We Guarantee you the price you're quoted. We are an A.B.N. business, as for service, why don't you give us a go and you can see for yourself?