B2C Solutions

Parcel Express offers unique B2C delivery options, having integrated with offshore postal operators and express parcel delivery networks, you can be sure that your offshore customers will think goods are coming from their own domestic markets

Parcel Post Delivery

Domestic Parcel delivery costs postal carriers have increased as much as 30% over the past 5 years. Parcel Express can help mitigate these rising costs through cheaper alternatives and through our buying power. Whether you want to take advantage of Direct Access into foreign markets, or improve delivery costs to consumer door in domestic markets, we provide alternatives through graduated pricing and multiple options to most areas.

Express Courier Delivery

We offer integrated solution for express courier services. Take advantage of foreign duty/tax thresholds through unique clearance processing.

Reverse Logistics

Parcel Express provides solutions to your reverse logistics needs, we think this is an important focus and we are happy to tailor a solution to meet your business requirements. Be sure to request our white papers for some examples of how we can save your business

Cross Border B2C Clearance

Parcel Express provides a direct interface with Customs. This allows bulk Cross Border Clearance to consumer, reduces reporter of record liabilities, at the same time we reduce capital outlay on unnecessary disbursement cost through traditional streams.