B2B Solutions

Parcel Express offers you tailored business solution for your organization, whether it is improving your offshore supply chain, improving carrier optimization or handling specialized deliveries

Mailroom Solutions Having worked in a Postal environment we have a comprehensive understanding of all things mail. We can improve mail cost and delivery to your customers. Whether you are sending Statements and Invoices, or you need to let your customer know about a special sale product, Parcel Express has the solution.

Parcel Delivery

Delivery Optimization can drastically improve your dispatch process and help reduce cost. IT Integration and Route Optimisation Parcel Express will delivery on over 100,000 delivery options available online

Pallet Delivery

Whether you need to move 1 pallet or 20 pallets, Parcel Express can help. Choose from over 20,000 rates available both domestically and internationally, with FCL rates available on request

Reverse Logistics

Parcel Express provides solutions to your reverse logistics needs, we think this is an important focus and we are happy to tailor a solution to meet your business requirements. Be sure to request our white papers for some examples of how we can save your business